Humans of the Middle Kingdoms


Most are mundane and rarely exhibit supernatural talent. Even if they have gifts, they almost never realize them. However, humans have a strength of adaptability and potential that almost no other race has. This can especially be seen through their variety of powers when they do manifest. As well, humans ability to compromise and cooperate is unparalleled in the world, forming fast and often strong alliances when the need arises.

Supernatural humans

They do occasionally exist, and have a great variety of talents.

  • Priests are sometimes capable of miracles. Be they divine gifts or innate magical talent has been much debated among scholars, but there is no doubt among clergy that the gods themselves act through priests with divine powers. They can be found within temples of the Nine. The church of the Nine has a small military that will be present where ever a church ordained divine lives. They exist to protect the miraculous priest as well as prosecute witches or any who commit grievous sin or blaspheme.
  • Wizards are seen as very dangerous. Magic is not understood in the slightest within Bretagne and much of the Middle Kingdoms. If someone is capable of magic and were to demonstrate this talent frequently unprotected by the local Lord or the Pearl Council, the church would hunt them down as a witch. Most often, wizards, are simply scholars or mundane magicians with a knack for illusions. There is a college in Opal city, but it is small and mostly devoted to the academic study of magic. Alchemists are often grouped in with wizards by ordinary folk unfamiliar with the difference.
  • Ki, Psychic, demonic, etc are much like wizards, rarely seen and perceived as dangerous. Even the difference between the different sources of powers are not understood. Any who can use supernatural gifts outside of the church and without scholarly study are considered sorcerers unless identified specifically as something else. Even a wizard with innate talent will be in this category.

Humans of the Middle Kingdoms

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